About Us

The beginning

Thanks to our long experience in the field, we have a sound network of people with diverse skill sets. This enables us to take on different types of projects with a variety of necessary technologies.

We executed our first projects in 1999 and have been active since. We are confident in taking on all types of challenges that we come across. We have worked with government, non-profit and business customers on projects whose building span may last from few weeks to several years.

International experience

We have launched projects in more than 10 countries worldwide and have team members from across the world. This has given us valuable experience in working with people with different cultural backgrounds and customs.

Our philosophy

We are very interested in participating in new ventures. We admire clients who have a long history in their field and a risk-taking spirit to create new things online in order to make their business even better.

Our people

Our team consists of people from across the world but our hubs are based in London, Tallinn and Minsk.

Client relations

Mostly, we prefer long-standing relationships with our clients. This allows us to really study our clients’ needs and become part of their strategy in building new solutions that actually work.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask us anything. You will find our contact information here.

Overview of Our Process

This is how we approach projects most of the time


This is how we operate and manage our resources

Clients about us

This was my first time to develop a company web page and I was very concerned about it. Thanks to your pleasant support and very professional work, we got a super result. Thanks a lot!

Siiri Lipsmäe
Mistra Autex

Themer is a great bit of kit, we are very impressed, hats off to you for developing it

Matt Wicks

We offer a continuously growing range of exclusive furniture and serve large traffic, all with with the help of OYE.

James Stewart


Quickmage is a high availability and decentralized hybrid cloud management platform based on sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithms that makes application production much more coherent, synoptic, efficient and affordable. Quickmage platform is supported by European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 301 500 EUR (07.08.2017 - 10.07.2018).