• 9 Steps for Better Conversion Rates

    In eCommerce, your category page is most often the first touching point when customers land on your page and get a view of your products. So category pages double as landing pages, giving them an equal importance to product pages. Continue reading

  • 7 Step eCommerce Checklist For Better Converting Product Pages

    The holy grail of e-commerce is knowing how to optimise your store for better conversion rates and an essential part of this is getting your product pages right on the mark. There's a sure science to the steps to take and many complex strategies to implement, but these tips are the first and essential to follow. Continue reading

  • The Top 9 Magento Plugins That Every E-commerce Site Owner Should Use

    Magento is to e-commerce what Wordpress is to blogging. The reason? As well as coming out-of-the-box with a wealth of default features, it is also highly customizable with the addition of plugins. Depending on your requirements, these add value to your business and to your customer's experience. Many are free, some charge a fee. Here are the 9 essential Magento plugins for every e-commerce store owner: Continue reading

  • Three Common Traits Of Highly Successful E-commerce Sites

    Every successful e-commerce business should direct its operations towards one area above all else: The customer.

    Who are the customers, what do they need, and how to you help them make the decision that your product is the right one? The customer is the most important single factor to keep in mind - whilst the content and UX of the website, the marketing channels and pricing considerations are all vital, unless they are ultimately consumer focused they will not be a success. Here's what you need to achieve to keep the customer experience at the heart of your site: Continue reading

  • How Magento Puts Great Customer Service At The Centre Of E-commerce

    Customer service needs to be at the centre of any successful retail operation. If you can’t keep your customers happy then you’ll never manage to retain them. And nowhere is this maxim more true than in the field of e-commerce, where there is an abundance of choice available online and providing good customer service is the best way for a business to differentiate itself from its competitors, when it may not have much leeway on product or price. Magento e-commerce platforms are especially customer-centric, being feature-rich straight out of the box, with a large number of useful plug-ins available to enhance the consumer experience. Here are some examples of how Magento helps clients to convert and retain customers. Continue reading

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