• Data Migration to Magento2 Case Study


    Hello fellow Magentoers :)

    We at OYE decided to make a test migration project to get a feel of what migration from magento1 to magento2 is like. This article only describes data migration, porting of custom functionality and theme will be described later, when we complete it :) The magento2 docs page describes the data migration as a straight forward process, let's see if it is true.

    The first problem was to understand if the migration tool supports moving custom table columns from m1 to m2. After some research, it turned out that it can’t do that. So if your sales_flat_order table has some custom column where you store some data – it can’t be transferred to m2 with the default migration tool functionality. I think this feature will be widely needed and it will appear in the migration tool soon.
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  • Magento2 "delivery date" module creation from scratch

    Hi, everybody! I had a chance to get my hands on the latest magento2 and do a learning project. I decided to make a "delivery date" module, because it is a) useful and b) it requires tuning the applications in different areas: using events, plugins, overriding js files, playing with a grid. It gives customer the possibility to choose the date when he wants his order to be delivered. The result that I came up with is a module with "less than minimum" :) features:

    1. The user will see a delivery date field on the checkout and it will use a datepicker widget
    2. Delivery date will be saved in the order
    3. Delivery date will be displayed in the order view in admin
    4. Delivery date will be displayed in the order grid

    This was the first time I met magento2 and I had moments of frustration and "AHA" moments. So now I will try to minimize frustration of other developers :)
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  • Meet us at MagentoLive UK on 22-23 June

    Magento Live UK 2015

    Our founders Tarmo and Henry have packed their suitcases to visit MagentoLive UK for the 3rd time this year!  Join them on the 22nd and 23rd of June to hear big news!

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