How Magento Puts Great Customer Service At The Centre Of E-commerce

Customer service needs to be at the centre of any successful retail operation. If you can’t keep your customers happy then you’ll never manage to retain them. And nowhere is this maxim more true than in the field of e-commerce, where there is an abundance of choice available online and providing good customer service is the best way for a business to differentiate itself from its competitors, when it may not have much leeway on product or price. Magento e-commerce platforms are especially customer-centric, being feature-rich straight out of the box, with a large number of useful plug-ins available to enhance the consumer experience. Here are some examples of how Magento helps clients to convert and retain customers.


The ultimate in e-commerce is having real-time conversations with shoppers, being able to resolve problems and complaints instantly instead of having them drawn out, requiring involved communication over email and phone, and possibly seeing them dragged over social media by annoyed customers. Magento plug-ins include a Live Chat option, where sales agents can contact site visitors undecided about purchase to provide them with the information they need and close the deal. A handy follow-up email option is also possible, automating responses to be sent after purchase or after a cart has been abandoned which is a bonus for CRO.

Customer Accounts

Personalised accounts come as standard with Magento, so customers can easily view their orders and see when they have been shipped. This also works the other way, with sales agents able to quickly view order history and change orders through the dashboard whenever contacted by a customer.


The need for customers to easily return or exchange goods bought online is one of the biggest challenges for e-commerce, since it brings with it extra cost, but at the same time is vital for improving customer satisfaction. Buying a plug-in that enables tracking of the returns process is extremely useful, since it helps both site and customer see where their order is in the journey. It also reduces fraud and allows for other functions, such as bringing items in for repair or as credit for another purchase.


Easy to use analytics tools help the site owners to establish what is working on the site and what isn’t so that the performance can be continually refined. Establishing, for example, why customers are abandoning carts at a certain stage of the purchase process can lead to improvements in this key area. Root cause analysis takes as a starting-point a successful or unsuccessful transaction and looks back at all of the contributing factors, providing a comprehensive overview of the site’s behaviour and where tweaks need to be made.

Information Sharing

It’s essential to load the site with as much information as possible without making it appear cluttered or text-heavy. So adding a blog plug-in that allows the company to share news on deals or new products is useful. Magento allows for detailed FAQ sections, and there is also a plug-in that enables the site to automatically update groups of similar products with the same information, a massive time-saver when the business carries large amounts of stock. By making so much detail available upfront the visitor has much less need to leave the site to find the information they’re after.

Social Media

Very few e-commerce sites do not utilise social media in some form, whether to market their products or engage with customers. A useful plug-in for Magento allows for a bundle of social connections to be added to the site in one go, so that customers can easily Like, share or tweet about products and also leave comments. Another helpful plug-in, although not directly related, allows for easy placement of testimonials or reviews throughout the site. Testimonials are often seen as a key deciding factor by new customers and worth collecting.

Magento is the world’s leading open source e-commerce application. A big reason for this success is the vibrant community of e-commerce business owners and developers who are constantly searching for ways to improve the platform’s functionality. As the features above demonstrate, customer service is and will remain a major focus of users seeking to build on Magento’s capabilities.

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  • poonam June 4, 2014 at 10:37 am

    A good customer service helps you to maintain your business productivity. The best way to attract visitor is to provide the discounts & offers.

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