Infographic: Why 68% of Online Shoppers Abandon their Shopping Cart?

You can spend countless of hours on tweaking your site, following suggestions how to optimise your homepage, product & category pages, but the last, most crucial piece of the puzzle is your shopping cart.

A whopping 68% percent of shoppers abandon theirs. The most common reasons are being confused about the steps to take next, surprised by hidden fees, slow loading of the site or straight up crashing. That all mounts up to a less than a pleasant experience and makes customers abandon their carts.

Stefan Schumacher over at The Payroll Blog has put together an infographic, helping you optimise your shopping cart for better conversions.


Reducing shopping cart abandonment on your eCommerce site is definitely a task that takes time and effort but following this tutorial will help you get started. Make sure to  also check out our article on improving conversions on product pages: “7 Step eCommerce Checklist For Better Converting Product Pages”

Share your thoughts on things you’ve found that reduced shopping cart abandonment. Have you ever had a sudden increase in sales after adding or modifying a particular element on the page? If so, tell us about it!

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