Top tips on how to optimize sales through Magento with convert.com

Conversion testing is, of course, integral to the success of any e-commerce store. Everything else is pure guesswork.

From the subtlest and seemingly insignificant of changes on a site to the most glaringly important, such as the call-to-action buttons, the page layout, navigation or checkout process, everything should be tested for potential impact on conversion rates. It can be rewarding - a simple tweak can result in a massive growth in transactions. But for those unfamiliar with the practice it can be challenging and time-consuming, with valuable results often taking time to arrive when traffic isn’t high. All the more reason then that e-commerce stores operating on a wide range of platforms should be considering the Convert Experiments software.

Already in use by major players including Sony, it’s essentially a multipurpose CRO tool for the layman - providing in-depth testing ability with zero requirements for specialised coders or changing of the site’s infrastructure, instead just a basic understanding of HTML and learning how to use a simple web editor. The necessary Javascript is quickly added to every page, along with the required variables, and no other scripts on the site are adjusted at any point. That makes A/B, split and multivariate testing as simple as drag and drop - it can be as easy or as complex as the user wants it to be. Convert Experiments can be integrated with a whole host of software, including Magento of course, as well as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics, giving it a raft of nifty purposes. So, where to start with optimisation through convert.com?

Analytics and Reporting

Firstly, and crucially, it’s a seamless extension from Google Analytics. Users can easily link data including revenue and transaction rates to test results without the need for additional coding. That gives incredibly advanced reporting facilities, on data collected and displayed in real-time, with all the functionality of Analytics. So vast is the scope for reporting that Convert.com actually warns of the software’s addictive properties to marketers! Obtaining this advanced visibility should be priority number one to optimise transactions.


Secondly, note that every test run through CE can serve multiple goals, so for instance not just tracking conversion, but also engagement, revenue, e-newsletter sign-ups or bounce rate, with no additional installation needed. The user can also incorporate multiple variations into each test, giving far greater insight into visitor preferences, especially appreciated when there are high volumes of traffic, and across several domains simultaneously. The tests can be run either on auto-pilot, or the user can take full control over them, to adjust settings such as duration whenever necessary. As well as many other forms of segmentation that are available for the greatest possible control, testing can be geo-targeted, so it might be language-specific to each visitor - it can even be nailed down to speakers of a particular language connecting abroad.


Plus, CE is incredibly scalable. It can be added to any page in a Magento store, drilling down all the way into category design or product features such as cost and manufacturer, and so letting marketers develop an extremely detailed picture of a site’s overall performance. It’s powerful - it can handle millions of page views daily, so a superb option for fast-growing businesses. Multivariate testing supports hundreds of variables, with in-depth reports provided.


Since it’s designed to be used by non-experts as well as old testing hands, CE also comes with 24/7 support, and a guarantee of 99.9% uptime making it extremely attractive. The software also has built-in helpers to assist with code checking and error prevention on every test, meaning fewer mistakes and faster results. Having difficulties or not getting the results you expect? Support is right there.

Given the ease of set-up and use, and the range of functions, this could possibly be the ultimate CRO testing tool for platforms running on Magento, and the ROI here is potentially stunning.

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