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  • 7 Best Practices for Live Chat Customer Support

    Live chat assistance is the most convenient way to communicate with online consumers, providing immediate access to help. In fact, research shows, that over 50% of online shoppers prefer live chat assistance as a way of communicating. Also, consumers who are willing to spend time on talking with a chat agent are already highly motivated to make a buy. Essentially, it aids to build relationships with customers and that is key. Continue reading

  • What your customers really want? Running surveys on Magento

    Every single day, any single consumer is exposed to options. Be it for food, for clothing, for a mode of transport. A choice can be affected by emotion, brand loyalty or the pretty aesthetics of packaging. Since the explosion of the internet, consumer choice has increasingly expanded, with availability becoming further widespread. For companies, it is important to find out exactly what consumers want, in order to create a specific offering tailored to their needs amongst the vast sea of options. As the internet becomes more sophisticated, tools such as Magento look to resolve these issues. Continue reading

  • Top tips on how to optimize sales through Magento with convert.com

    Conversion testing is, of course, integral to the success of any e-commerce store. Everything else is pure guesswork. Continue reading

  • What does Google really think of your e-commerce site’s performance?

    Google’s magic algorithm is reckoned to be about as secret as the recipe for Coca-Cola; top, top secret. Nevertheless, little clues are frequently dropped and analysed as to its possible content and what may affect it. Naturally, they’re of huge interest to e-commerce stores needing to gain the edge in searches. The potential relevance of website loading speed and host location, to search ranking has been debated in the past - what is the truth here? Continue reading

  • The Top 9 Magento Plugins That Every E-commerce Site Owner Should Use

    Magento is to e-commerce what Wordpress is to blogging. The reason? As well as coming out-of-the-box with a wealth of default features, it is also highly customizable with the addition of plugins. Depending on your requirements, these add value to your business and to your customer's experience. Many are free, some charge a fee. Here are the 9 essential Magento plugins for every e-commerce store owner: Continue reading

  • The Power Of Video For Your E-Commerce Store

    We all know that images are more likely to be clicked on and convert, but a video is even more powerful. Video only has benefits: It's great for SEO, it increases conversions and most importantly, it builds trust between retailers and consumers. Continue reading

  • The Changing Role Of Email Marketing In E-Commerce

    Although the impact of email has dropped in e-commerce, it remains and essential part of any store’s strategy in engaging and encouraging repeat customers. Continue reading

  • Magento Modules That Have Changed E-Commerce For The Better

    The e-commerce marketplace is a crowded one, and platforms with straight out of the box functionality are rarely enough to cut through. That’s why using an open-source web application such as Magento is such as a good idea - crafty developers can massively extend the functionality with a vast range of plug-ins that alter the style or performance of an e-commerce site. Given the ease with which even major upgrades can be made and the potential returns on investment available, it’s no surprise then that Magento is among the most popular platforms for brands. Here are five Magento plug-ins that have really changed the nature of e-commerce for the better: Continue reading

  • 4 Of The Best E-Commerce Websites

    The road to e-commerce success is lined with brands that have fallen by the wayside, either through not understanding what it is that today’s online shopper demands, or failing to match expectations with results. However, there are some exceptional examples of brands that have seen the potential of technology to enhance the customer experience and run with it to produce incredible e-commerce sites which have collected millions of fans, and inspired legions of imitators. Let’s take a look at some of the best in the marketplace: Continue reading

  • How To Create Awesome DIY Product Photographs

    For an e-commerce site, using attractive, high-quality photography ought to be among the top priorities. This is the first experience customers will have of your products, and it can often make the difference between a conversion and an abandoned visit. Remember people will often do a lot of research before buying, so if your products are being compared against those of competitors then they need to look great. Continue reading

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