What your customers really want? Running surveys on Magento

Every single day, any single consumer is exposed to options. Be it for food, for clothing, for a mode of transport. A choice can be affected by emotion, brand loyalty or the pretty aesthetics of packaging. Since the explosion of the internet, consumer choice has increasingly expanded, with availability becoming further widespread. For companies, it is important to find out exactly what consumers want, in order to create a specific offering tailored to their needs amongst the vast sea of options. As the internet becomes more sophisticated, tools such as Magento look to resolve these issues.

Survey Environment

With the move to online shopping, consumers have the world at their fingertips, no longer restrained by time. Shopping in the relaxed environment of their own home, without the stress of restrictions, opens up the consumer to a new world of satisfied shopping. With a relaxed consumer at your hands, it becomes an easier feat to ask them to enter into a survey.

Intelligent Surveys

Magento is an intelligent e-commerce solution, integrating custom user surveys within a retailer's store. The software uses all the modern tricks of the internet to place a survey within your e-commerce platform. This way you can ascertain customer behaviour when they’re thinking like customers.

Presentation and Perspective

Every part of customer/user experience is a delicate variable to be considered carefully. Designing a system is tough. QuickMage is a hosted e-commerce platform based on Magento which uses a cloud-based system for optimised hosting. That way you don’t have to worry about losing a lead to a server issue because a lost lead isn’t just a lost sale, it’s a potential media disaster. You can spend millions on the most convincing adverts in the world, you build up a brand that people genuinely believe has certain values, all for it to instantly disappear because of a website error or an obtrusive survey.

The danger of bad surveys

In the ‘80's Coca-Cola famously released New Coke, a new addition to their product range. New Coke was born from surveys, with the data collected pointing to all positive signs; consumers prefer it to classic coke. Yet a week later production had stopped, people hated it now. New Coke turned into a massive PR disaster and was discontinued quickly and quietly. New Coke was the perfect demonstration that not all data is born equal, it is defined by context.

 Have you used surveys on your website? What was your experience? Have any questions? Please let us know in the comments below!

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