Kreutzwald Century

Interactive Knowledge Base & Collection

Kreutzwaldi sajand (‘Kreutzwald’s Century’) was developed for the Estonian Literary Museum to celebrate the famous writer F. R. Kreutzwald, who wrote the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg. Quickly, the project grew larger and is now an interactive knowledge base, including material previously hidden away in museum archives.

You can scan through original writings of the national epic, plus other documents and photos from the 19th century. Users can also use a timeline to compare different events of the period in question.

Technologies used:

  • PHP5
  • ERM Admin (Entity Relationship Modelling)
  • XSLT (parsing *.docx to *.html)
  • Git
  • Capistrano
  • jQuery UI Touch Punch (for swiping and pinching on devices with a touchscreen)

Modern Design & Focus on Usability

“Kreutzwald's Century” is a mix of modern elements and quaint old pictures from the 19th century. The style of the design is modern to attract more young people to learn about their own history. The layout of the site is functional, so users will easily understand how different events are related to one another and can quickly access different media associated with a particular subject.

  • Modern fully responsive design
  • Functional layout with timeline comparison

Visual Multi-Layer Timelines

This is probably the most important part of the site. The timelines are a practical way for users to make associations between events and understand how historical narratives have influenced each other.

There are four main timelines in different colours which are used across the whole site to help understand where specific content belongs. The interactive timelines are built in Flash technology. Users can zoom in on specific time frames and, by doing so, more content is shown on the timeline.

In addition, there are two types of events expressed visually: events that happened on a specific moment and events that lasted for a period of time. Once the user clicks on an event, it shows detailed information and all media related to that event.

Browsing old books

AAnother important part of this project was to show people old books that are normally hidden away in museum archives and not available for the general public. During the project, these books were scanned in and we built a browsing application with a number of functions (zoom, contrast option etc) so that users could study the rare books and learn about history and literature easily online.


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