Realeyes is a technology firm that uses computer vision to read people’s faces and to measure what emotions they’re feeling.
Realeyes’ software platform is the most advanced in the industry – Their unique ‘click-of-a-button’ testing with large-scale samples puts the power of emotions right at your fingertip.
We are and have been their creative partner for several years now. Helping them to design testing software UI, website and analytics tools.

Design works:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Analytics environment
  • Document and presentations
  • User testing tool

Analytics environment

The whole system of presenting data and playing around with for better analysis is custom designed from the ground up. The administration panel has several live filters for better understanding correlations and reasoning of gathered data. Users can scroll through tested videos and analyse data changes in every second of the clip right there on the study dashboard. Users can also visually learn about differences in emotions for different study groups and ages etc.
This system was built in a period of time and many designs and ideas were tested in the process to get were the project is today.

The intelligence that Realeyes collects is used for:

  • Brand Advertising – enable radically more impactful campaigns
  • Market Research – power the industry with next-generation technology
  • Smart Apps – provide real-time biometric user feedback on games and ads.

Infographics & Data Visualization

There are several ways to visualize data and how statistics can be previewed. In this project we have built in a large amount of them and some are listed below.


Quickmage is a high availability and decentralized hybrid cloud management platform based on sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithms that makes application production much more coherent, synoptic, efficient and affordable. Quickmage platform is supported by European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 301 500 EUR (07.08.2017 - 10.07.2018).