Custom solutions

Variety of solutions

Although our main domain today is e-commerce we still love to build projects serving completely different business needs.

We’ve been building custom solutions since 1999 meaning we have been around long enough to recognise a great opportunity and also experienced enough to implement an outstanding solution. This also means that we are competent to give advice to our customers and together build a solution highly valuable for an end user.

We have been lucky to have worked with wide variety of customers from very different fields. That gives us an excellent ability and confidence to quickly mix and match solutions and think outside of the box.

It is clear to us and our customers that innovation and custom solutions are embedded in our DNA.

Established businesses and new ventures

We are really interested in participating in new ventures. We also admire clients who have a strong background in their field of business and wish to bring their ideas to life providing not only a great technical solution but also around the clock support on every step of the way.

Building prototypes

We have had several opportunities to prototype new concepts. Sometimes it can take several months and endless varieties of designs before something stunning is created, but it is completely worth it.


We stick with our clients from the beginning till the end — this is what partnership means to us.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask us anything. You will find our contact information here.

Custom solutions case studies

Below are a few examples of the custom solutions we have worked on.


Ilmataat is a weather forecast application commissioned by Elion (the largest telecommunication company in Estonia, a subsidiary of TeliaSonera).

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Kreutzwald Century

Kreutzwaldi sajand was developed for the Estonian Literary Museum to celebrate the famous writer F. R. Kreutzwald, who wrote the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg.

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Safe Community

Safe Community was created to provide people with an overview of crowd-sourced crime levels in different areas by crime type.

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Realeyes is a technology firm that uses computer vision to read people’s faces and to measure what emotions they’re feeling.

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Estonica was created to spread information about the Estonian society and culture in other countries and to further cultural and educational ties.

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Quickmage is a high availability and decentralized hybrid cloud management platform based on sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithms that makes application production much more coherent, synoptic, efficient and affordable. Quickmage platform is supported by European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 301 500 EUR (07.08.2017 - 10.07.2018).