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Modules and solutions to make your life easier

  • Oye Universal

    Full set of features that customers expect from
    any serious e-commerce store - all in one package!

  • Themer (MG)

    ThemerMG is a wysiwyg type CSS editor and drag & drop layout editor for Magento 1.x. Make endless sub-versions of themes with little to no coding skills.

    • Customize theme CSS
    • Make quick layout edits
    • Cut developing time & costs
  • Automatic Megamenu

    Automatic Megamenu helps store admins manage and create professional looking menus as quickly as possible.

    • Create different menu depths
    • Use images for categories
    • Automatically responsive
  • Advanced Checkout

    Advanced Checkout includes three types of checkouts: one step, vertical and horizontal. With built in AJAX cart and option to skip shopping cart!

    • Quick configuration from admin
    • Easy to customize via CSS
  • Themer (WP)

    ThemerWP is a extension for designers and non-technical users to alter the look and feel of a any theme using an intuitive user interface.

    • Customize themes
    • Works with EVERY theme
    • Save time and money

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