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Advanced Checkout Advanced Checkout

Advanced Checkout


Advanced Checkout (AC) is a lightweight, mostly front-end (CSS) layer implementation of Magento checkout that provides 3 most common checkout layouts. AC also includes built in AJAX cart and option to skip shopping cart!

Layouts include

  • One Step
  • Vertical Steps
  • Horizontal Steps

One Step

One Step Checkout style alignment which is best for less expensive products to enable quick shopping experience. Also good for professional customers who know what they are buying.

Vertical Steps

Classical Magento style checkout

Horizontal Steps

Usually suitable for more complex and expensive products so client would feel secure and confident of every step they make. Also it helps to engage client before making the final decision. (like Amazon.com)

Advanced Checkout features

  • Easy to configure
  • Easily customizable
  • Thoroughly tested

Easy to configure

Easy to configure from Magento admin by simply selecting the checkout style you prefer.

Easily customizable

Easy to customise via lean CSS file.

Thoroughly tested

Tested with most widely used payment modules and Magento themes.


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Advanced Checkout

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