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Automatic Megamenu Automatic Megamenu

Automatic Megamenu

Automatic Megamenu helps store admins manage and create professional looking menus as quickly as possible. This Megamenu works with different menu depths and generates layout automatically.

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Automatic Megamenu features

  • Megamenu with images
  • Megamenu regular
  • Mobile menu (responsive)

Megamenu with images

You can illustrate categories with images just by adding category thumbnails. Menu will automatically understand that images are used and will take appropriate shape. Also you can add images for third level categories which will be shown as mouseovers inside the image slot.

Megamenu regular

If you do not wish to mess with images and just want quickly to build Megamenu then you are in luck. Module will automatically understand that there are no images and will show simple and clean Megamenu layout without any configuration needed.

Mobile menu (responsive)

When using this module with responsive theme you can just turn on responsive feature in admin and it will automatically fit your mobile screens as well with no extra work needed.

Easy management

  • Easy to configure
  • Easily customizable

Easy to configure

Admin panel is simplified to the max. Only thing you need to configure is define if menu is turned on and if responsiveness is turned on.

Easily customizable

Easy to customize via lean CSS file. Also you can use Themer or ask OYE Network for help with customization work.


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Automatic Megamenu

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