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Oye Universal Oye Universal

We are celebrating 10 years of Magento development with an anniversary package:

A full set of features and modules that customers expect from any serious e-commerce store!

Magento Responsive Theme Pack:

4 themes with visual editor + 5 extra extensions

  • Pre-made static blocks to get you started quickly (add blocks etc)
  • Included modules completely integrated with lots of customization options
  • Themes are touch sensitive for tablet and mobile users
  • 100+ page user manual - constantly updated and growing
  • Direct developer support for all included themes
  • Get 35€ gift card if you host with QuickMage

Edit designs with 

Themer (MG) is a Magento extension for designers and non technical users to alter the look and feel of magento templates using an intuitive interface.

also includes:

5 essential modules

  • Automatic Megamenu helps store admins manage and create professional looking menus as quickly as possible. Works with different menu depths. Read more
  • Advanced CheckoutAdvanced Checkout includes three types of checkouts: one-step, vertical and horizontal. With built in AJAX cart and option to skip shopping cart! Read more
  • Classic lightbox with additional zoom to view larger images. Helps customers get a better understanding of your products.
  • Ajax Filtering allows customers filter products by different attributes without page reload - quicker navigation and user friendly.
  • Social Connect enables visitors register and log into your site using Facebook and Google+. Gathers valuable customer data for marketing purposes.

300+ happy customers

Fantastic product! :)

QuietStove, US

Themer is a great bit of kit, we are very impressed, hats off to you for developing it

Matt Wicks

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Oye Universal

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Please enter the exact domain name you want to use on Oye Universal Pack (please exclude http://)