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Themer (WP)

Designing Wordpress sites, redefined!

Reduce developing costs fast

ThemerWP is a Wordpress plugin for designers, developers and also less tech-savvy users to customize the look and feel of Wordpress themes using an intuitive and easy to use user interface.

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  • Theme support
  • Media manager
  • Fonts

Build new design while the site is running

Whole system works so that you can build several designs and click through your site without making it live. That means you can easily buid new features and test them out on the same system using real data so when you are done you can be 100% sure it works well.

Modify designs on the fly

Change the design and style (CSS) of any element (HTML tag) throughout your Wordpress site. Fonts, rollovers, background images – you name it.

Works with every theme

ThemerWP works great with your custom theme and also any theme you can find online. Just install your themes make it active and launch ThemerWP.

Using with Wordpress' own media manager

Change background images of any element on your site using the built in media manager for Wordpress you know and love.

Typography plays an important role of your site appearance.

625+ Google fonts, upload custom font files or simply select from a list of web-safe fonts. Make it bold, control line and letter spacing to fine tune your text looks to perfection.


Themer (WP)

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