Our main expertise evolves around online shops - from overall strategy to fine tuning of your Conversion Rate. Our weapon of choice is Magento.

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Custom solutions

We enjoy participating in projects that are innovatiove and bold. Any type of project can benefit from our wide range of expertise and network of professional people.

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OYE Labs

From time to time we take on an interesting project and nurture it in hope of turning it into independent product.

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Quickmage - Cloud Infrastructure management platform

Quickmage brings with it an intelligent hybrid cloud infrastructure featuring Magento CE as its first stack. Our platform is based on "container hosting" also know as "Agile Hosting". It brings with it instant auto-scaling properties and cost-effective resource allocation with “Pay as you Grow” pricing.

Independent dev, test, stage and live environments in one easy to use interface, plus health monitoring and status notifications. All that in addition to the auto-installation of Magento, together with Nginx, MySql, HHVM, Percona, Memcached, Redis and more. The whole infrastructure is built on the Google Cloud Platform. It uses technologies like Container Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage for CDN, Kubernetes and Docker.

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List of Services

This is a list of more well known cocepts and services that are included in our range of expertise.

  • web strategy
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • rich front-end solutions (HTML5, CSS)
  • JavaScript solutions (AJAX, Angular, jQuery)
  • advanced e-commerce (Magento 1.x & 2.x)
  • server (cloud) infrastructure & management
  • analytics and data intepretation
  • back-end programming (PHP, Python)
  • Database solutions (MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, CouchDB)
  • platform integrations
  • search systems (Solr, Elastic)
  • usability studies (eye tracking, Morae)
  • system prototyping
  • design (UX, UI, Graphic)
  • testing (Selenium)
  • everyday support

Clients about us

This was my first time to develop a company web page and I was very concerned about it. Thanks to your pleasant support and very professional work, we got a super result. Thanks a lot!

Siiri Lipsmäe
Mistra Autex

Themer is a great bit of kit, we are very impressed, hats off to you for developing it

Matt Wicks

We offer a continuously growing range of exclusive furniture and serve large traffic, all with with the help of OYE.

James Stewart


Quickmage is a high availability and decentralized hybrid cloud management platform based on sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithms that makes application production much more coherent, synoptic, efficient and affordable. Quickmage platform is supported by European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 301 500 EUR (07.08.2017 - 10.07.2018).